Top 6 reasons why your business needs EMS (Energy Management System)

Say you are a businessman or a facility manager who is responsible for improving the operational productivity of your organization. To do so, you will either perform some minor changes in the operational process or replace and install new technologies. After keeping a close eye on the operational cost of your organization, you are now confident of reducing the expenses. However, when the annual report arrives, it says there are only a minimal amount of reductions in operational cost despite your great hard work and efforts. That’s when one of your business friends suggests you do an audit to find the areas of uncontrolled expenses. You took that suggestion and have your company audited to find the areas of uncontrolled expenses. The audit report states that the electricity consumption of the company premises is not being managed properly, which is a major contributor to the uncontrolled expenses of your organization. One of the best ways to sort out this issue is to install an electricity management system. The electricity management system is the answer to such scenarios – which saves time and money. Apart from businesses, many people install home energy management systems for their houses as well.

What is Energy Management System?

An energy management system (EMS) is a system of computer-aided tools used by operators of electric utility grids to help them monitor, control, and optimize the performance of the generation and/or transmission system. In short, an EMS is a system to control and monitor energy-consuming devices, like your HVAC, fans, pumps, dampers, and lighting.

Investing in a fully functional EMS may seem to be an upfront investment, but over time it will help you reduce the utility bills, overall spending, and can even increase your business’s return on investment (ROI).

Here are the top six benefits your business can experience by having an EMS installed in your facility.

1) Removes manual errors

One of the most common procedures in every business is that one person is appointed to handle the electricity management. The appointed person goes on every floor to switch on/off the appliances, replaces any faulting device, and takes a note of meter readings. When manual work is involved, errors are bound to happen. These errors can affect and hinder the company’s bottom line. Additionally, this manual work does not prepare any business to be ready during any mishappening. EMS automates electricity management and thus eliminates every possible human error.

2) Identify electricity wastage

With the help of EMS, electricity consumption data is collected across the buildings, floors, rooms, devices, and time duration that is later combined, processed and optimised. This helps in identifying electricity wastage gridlocks and resolving them at the right time.

3) Reduces maintenance costs

With constant monitoring of energy usage and appliances health, EMS takes charge to identify operational problems, such as equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced. Through EMS, Repairs and maintenance can be scheduled before an emergency arises. This eliminates the costly short-notice or out-of-hours replacement and avoids failure and downtime.

4) Real-time data acquisition

EMS is equipped with AI-based IoT platforms. It enables you to monitor every device based on real-time that helps you to collect data on every possible level. Such data acquisition provides enough information to plan out the electricity plan for the facility more effectively.

5) Continuous monitoring

Phantom energy (negative kinetic energy) is one of the major contributors to electricity wastage in any facility. With continuous monitoring, you can easily find out when and where electricity is required during a business and a non-business day. EMS can cut out the electricity supply to devices that do not need energy after business hours.

6) Remote access

The IoT-based platform, on which the majority of electricity management systems are built, provides you remote access to monitor and control the devices using mobile applications.

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