The City of Hope

Coffs Harbour Jetty, NSW, Australia.

Superb contemporary architecture combines exquisite sufficiency with modern comforts. Cutting edge sustainability aligns your home with your values.

CITY OF HOPE follows the standards and aspirations of The Living Building Challenge.

This challenge defines the most advanced measures of sustainability in the built environment possible today. It strives for global transformation towards a restorative future.

Buildings should operate as cleanly, beautifully and efficiently as nature’s architecture.

IMAGINE… Climate Change Hits Us Hard – And You Are Prepared.

  • Your home adds ZERO greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.
  • Your home is built to safely withstand even cyclonic storms.
  • Your home keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer – without heating or cooling.
  • Your home generates more electricity than it consumes – and has enough battery storage so that you can be independent of the grid.


The First Residents Of City Of Hope, David And Lisa, offer A Guided Tour.

Using advanced measures of Sustainability, we offer the chance to live in beautiful and unique homes embracing exquisite sufficiency.

ARCHITECT | Reiner Schimminger

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