Key Products In ENOPTE’s Platform Include:

• ENOPTE Power Station TM – Fully integrated Hybrid and Off-Grid Energy system.

• AuziMAX TM – 20 channel energy monitor / controller.

• PowerBLOCK TM – Stackable Lithium Battery system.


Off-grid energy that every home can afford!

The ENOPTE Power Station (EPS) is a fully integrated Battery Energy Storage System positioned for Residential, Commercial and Tiny House applications.

Coupled with up to 20kWh Lithium battery and 8KW of SOLAR PV, this powerful package is designed for Hybrid or Off-Grid application. Commercial systems are also available with unlimited solar PV and battery storage.

Each battery is fully mobile and comes equipped with Enopte’s state of the art Energy Management System, allowing visibility of energy use down to circuit level.

Enopte Power Station (EPS) customers can also choose to participate in the Smart Grid Energy Exchange, a cloud-based energy platform enabling sharing of energy across the power grid.

Safeguard your family, your home and your environment. Now is a Good Time to become an EPS Customer.


Enopte’s AuziMax and EnMax controllers are the brains behind the Enopte Energy Management System.

The Enopte controllers manage the energy and peak load demands and connect into established solar powered systems.

Patented Australian technology, the AuziMAX and EnMAX controllers provide world class energy optimisation. The controllers manage load-levelling, telemetry, control the times equipment and appliances operate and can automate metering and billing.

The AuziMAX or EnMAX controller is installed on the power distribution board to collect data on mains, solar and sub-circuit supplies. It also connects to the hot water system, air-conditioning and pumping equipment and enables automatic control based on energy tariffs, demand, conditions and timers.


Where solar panels and solar battery storage are fitted, the Enopte Energy Management System will work out the optimal use of the available energy and the controller makes adjustments. Data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere via web browser or the Enopte App.

If there is a spike in energy use, adjustments can be made to energy use way before the electricity bill arrives.


The Enopte PowerBlock lithium solar battery is Australian designed and made. Storing energy from your solar power or wind power system, you can use the stored power at night from the solar power stored during the day or on still days or nights.


The Enopte PowerBlock lithium solar battery is Australian designed and made.

Storing energy from your solar power or wind power system, you can use the stored power at night from the solar power stored during the day or on still days or nights.

ENOPTE Power Block

The power block is a great leap forward in battery technology!

When connected to the ENOPTE Energy Management Dashboard, the PowerBlock can be configured to reduce your peak load – a key factor to making savings on electricity bills. It also gives you the ability to check the health and storage of the battery at any time with it’s 24/7 monitoring and reporting.

The battery is easily integrated into existing systems and is compact, floor stackable and connects to a wide range of hybrid and off-grid invertors. It plugs into the existing power supply in homes or businesses and can replace lead-acid batteries, giving higher power density and increased battery lifetime.

Made with non-toxic and recyclable materials and a solid all aluminium enclosure, it is safe with no risk of fire, has dual protection BMS relay, internal fuse and no thermal runaway.

The ENOPTE PowerBlock battery is powerful enough to be used for off-grid or Micro-grid solar installations.

our Enopte Power Station systems are not limited to the ENOPTE battery, we often include other compatible battery technologies including Pylontech, Dyness etc.

Steve Baxter on the ENOPTE AuziMAX Energy Management System & solar used to power his home.

“The AuziMAX gave us minute by minute feedback, which is amazing to know that switching this off would have that effect…and also see the daily difference between what your solar is generating and what you’re using. This is a 16 year old house, so there’s old infrastructure and inefficient appliances, but with AuziMAX we know exactly how inefficient. What was great was to be away on business and see exactly what’s going on at the home front. Setting budgets is an important thing because it gives you incentives to be more energy efficient – you can even turn it into a game with the kids… It’s a positive effect you’re saving energy. We had the AuziMAX before solar was installed and were able to adjust energy use as a result of that.”
Dad with a young family, Sunshine Beach, Queensland
Schools notoriously use a lot of electricity and that’s been a big problem for us as a young growing school. We were ignorant of what we were using, however through AuziMAX we’ve found over 120KWh per day of potential savings. We’re now in the process of implementing accountabilities across our campus, and AuziMAX makes this easy through its automatic alert system. Operating the air-conditioning remotely through the relay systems also helps us reduce our peak load on the school. AuziMAX has certainly paid for itself in a short timeframe, and gives us the tools we need to keep our energy costs down – for the long term.
Chairman of School Board, Coolum Beach Christian School.

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