Energy Management System

Home energy is a combination of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. These three have a considerable role to play in managing the efficiency of electricity. These applications cost a lot yet they are a necessity as well. To ensure that these applications are used efficiently, a sound energy management system is required. An energy management system is a smart approach to offering a solution to handling energy efficiently.

With the introduction of energy management systems, house owners and businesses worldwide can now manage their energy resources efficiently with technology. An energy management system is also known as a building automation system. The whole building is automated to provide efficiency in the distribution of electricity.

We offer a complete solution to wastage of electricity, money, and emissions. With the introduction of an energy management system, we can provide customers with a one-stop solution to all electrical issues. Using the latest technologies and software, we ensure that every property receives the right amount of electricity so that no energy is wasted. 


Each EPS cabinet comes with a built-in communications and energy management system (EMS), enabling remote support and access via a smartphone app.
The EMS dashboard allows you to easily monitor energy usage.
Standard reporting features include:
Solar generation
Battery state of charge
Energy usage
Alarm conditions

Most of the HVAC equipment causes excess wastage of energy. They are challenging to manage and are costly. Many of the buildings are fitted with traditional HVAC equipment that causes wastage of electricity and emissions. To tackle the issues, we offer the entire building with the latest energy management system capable of monitoring and supplying a balance of electricity throughout.

Our energy management system is one-step ahead than competitors and it is packed with the latest technological advancements. It can monitor the entire building and get external data such as temperature and feeds. Equipped with powerful tools, this system outperforms the traditional energy-saving methods used in homes and buildings.

There are many interesting facts about an energy management system that makes it highly demanded worldwide. This system can be controlled from anywhere as it works with the help of the internet. The EMS helps manage the complexities of energy being consumed, optimizing the use to no small extent. An energy management system can control many devices such as electricity, gas, and water systems in real-time. The interesting fact about this management system is that it turns all these data into information for the user. This information is later used to make sound decisions.

In today’s era, the energy management system is essential for buildings. This system helps residents to get alerts if anything is wrong with the electric supply. At ENOPTE, we offer customers an entire experience to connect to an extensive network and be notified about any changes.

Home Energy Management System

Home Energy management system is the next-generation technology that is designed to offer homes with a stable supply of electricity to manage all devices efficiently. A large number of businesses have benefited from this system. They have been able to save electricity and consume efficiently for the best results.

At ENOPTE, we offer our customers to scale openly and flexibly without having any proprietary system. You get the total independence of usage of your energy any way you want. It helps you to add as many devices without having to change the system.

There are innumerable benefits offered by the energy management system. Some of the advantages are mentioned below:

Adjustable Energy:

The energy management system helps you to control the energy flow into the building. You can independently manage each device without having to worry about short circuits and other issues. You can decrease and increase the temperature as per your needs. You can also reduce the electricity supply by 10% if you do not need to increase it during peak hours.

Such facilities make the energy management system an unmatched technology offering maximum benefits with safety and security round the clock.

Saving Electricity:

The system is controlled by an efficient software system that helps you to save your electricity expenses. The system recognizes the use of electricity at your property and adjusts accordingly. Electricity companies charge hefty fees during peak hours, and there is no savings option. By automatically adjusting the electricity at your property, you save a lot of electrical expenses. Having the scope to save electricity ensures your business can save money and protect its future at the same time.

Advanced Features:

Several advanced features come with an energy management system. The system can forecast the upcoming weather and prepare the building well in advance. For example, if the weather predicted for tomorrow would be hot, the system starts to adjust the temperature well in advance, not to face any problems the next day.

The system helps in optimizing the electricity:

The energy management system optimizes the complex system in the building. There are so many things that the system works with that can bring significant changes to how much energy you use and the savings you make. The system can optimize the complex systems and bring down the supply mainly.

Comfort for customers:

At Enopte, we ensure that the systems we install offer optimum comfort to customers throughout the day. There are certain instances of buildings getting overheated or over cooled due to the energy management system’s inefficiency. These issues can be tackled quickly with the EMS.

With automation, the HVAC equipment is kept in harmony and monitored to provide a subtle flow. The equipment is monitored to offer the desired temperature that is expected as opposed to over either heating or cooling the building.

We also offer a comfortable experience to homeowners through our home energy management system. This system is a blessing in disguise for homeowners offering a complete solution to optimize residents’ use of energy.

Low Maintenance Cost:

With the help of an energy management system, all the equipment in the building can be monitored. This helps in maintaining the equipment well in advance before any mishaps take place. The system can recognize if any equipment requires maintenance or complete replacement. Being able to predict well in advance helps to build to save many expenses. The systems adopt preventive measures if any building’s HVAC equipment refuses to work and alert the owners instantly.

Increases the capital value of the building:

When the ongoing cost of a building reduces, then the value of the asset increases. These buildings are the first choice for tenants as they are safe and have a sound energy management system running. Having a good energy management system increases the asset value. In times to come, the owner can quickly increase the rent because of the facilities offered.

System drift:

In any building, there is a drift on the energy systems. This is very common in buildings that do have energy management. The drift commonly seen every year is nearly 10% to 15%. With the energy management’s help, the system that is in place will ensure there is no drift in energies for several years. The system can manage and keep the flow of the energy stable without causing any drifts.

Good reporting system:

The energy management system is straightforward and very easy to use. The dashboard is well-designed, and has a very intuitive interface. The system offers vital information that is required to manage energy in the building. The system offers information on the management of the HVAC systems in a particular house that is good. All in all, the system can offer information reading the building energy performance.

Peace of Mind:

One of the most prominent concerns of anyone living in a house or building is peace of mind. The energy management system offers peace of mind as the entire operations are automatically maintained and completely transparent. The system alerts owners well in advance for maintenance and other issues that help save a lot of money. Complete peace of mind is what we look forward to when initiating any new system in our house or businesses.

We offer complete peace of mind with our system that can offer stable energy flow. With total automation, our systems can inform owners well to avoid any significant problems. An energy management system can recognize the faults well in advance that are not possible in a traditional HVAC system. Customers facing any problems with their management system can contact us as we offer services round the clock.

An energy management system can have a transformational impact for many buildings and business owners. Businesses are now able to optimize their resources by saving a lot of energy in every manner possible.

With times changing, it is now necessary for every building to get an energy management system. To get one, you have to call us and fix an appointment. Our professionals visit the property and let you know whether the building can benefit from the installation of an EMS. Once done, we ensure the best energy management system experience that will change the way you use energy.

ENOPTE’s Energy Management System (EMS)

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