Aussie Tiny Houses

Aussie Tiny Houses can be upgraded with off-grid options.

We support and want to provide all our customers the option of independent living off the grid, encouraging a more conscious and sustainable life for them and their families.

Solar Power can be added as an upgrade to all our models and custom designs. The panels are installed in the Tiny House`s roof and depending on the roof’s shape and design will affect the amount of panels that may be installed. Another, more practical option is to have the solar panels mounted on the ground.

Please keep in mind that going off grid is an in-depth process and may require you to modify some of your habits and possibly reduce your energy consumption. Some appliances have a very high-energy consumption and may need to be replaced by more energy efficient options.

Appliances such as: Air Conditioning, electric kettles, electric toasters, electric cooktops and ovens may need to be substituted for more energy efficient alternatives when going off grid.

An early departure after Solar PV and an ENOPTE PowerStation battery installed for “Aussie Tiny Houses,” ensuring off-grid energy in remote locations.

Solar Power can be added as an upgrade to all models and custom designs.

For the basic Tiny House the specifications are as follows:
8 x 330w panels = 2.6 kW
For larger Tiny Houses (up to 8m long) we can fit an extra 2 panels taking it to 3.3 kW.
1 x 5 kWh Enopte Lithium Battery (extendable to 10 kWh with second battery).
1 x 5KW Hybrid inverter – noting extra panels can be mounted on the ground (or adjacent building) and connected later if required up to 6.6 kW.
The system has an input for generator, or mains, in event of charging the battery due to bad weather conditions, etc.

All the comforts of home for Luxury “Glamping” Eco-Retreat in the heart of the Scenic Rim.

Alex Cooper, proprietor of “Ketchup’s Bank Glamping,” with ENOPTE’s 5kWh battery and 2kW solar installed on his initial “Aussie Tiny House,” onsite at Boonah, QLD.

Alex’s innovative Eco-Tourism “Glamping” site has already received high demand for additional “Aussie Tiny House” accommodation.

Reduced Environmental Impact and off-grid living for Luxury Eco Retreat: “Ketchup’s Bank Glamping.”

Alex is enthusiastic about the Aussie Tiny House’s lesser environmental impact, and believes that in conjunction with ENOPTE’s Energy solutions they can provide significant educational and environmental insights for their guests as well as a delightful, couple’s Luxury Eco-Retreat experience.

New “Aussie Tiny House” at Mt Tambourine.


Conal is very pleased to have her new Aussie Tiny House at Mt Tambourine. Being a keen cyclist and outdoors enthusiast this picturesque location is the perfect environment for her.

Her dream location is further enhanced by the practical application of 24/7 off-grid power, via ENOPTE’s 2kW solar system and 5kWh Powerstation battery, which suits Conal’s sustainable approach to living.

ENOPTE In Collaboration with Aussie Tiny Houses to power UNYOKED.

ENOPTE is excited to be working with Aussie Tiny Houses to power, an organisation which provides adventurous, unique off-the-grid experiences handcrafted to help you depart from the ordinary and to tap into a whole new level of creative and productive energy – powered by nature.

Off-grid energy for

To aid’s passion for providing holiday destinations in the wild, – waging war on “busy” and getting lost in nature – the ENOPTE Power Station EPS3-1 (3kWh – 1kW) is the ideal power-system solution, offering reliable, renewable energy in remote, off-grid locations.

Aussie Tiny Houses and ENOPTE are ramping up production at their Coolum Beach warehouses to provide more ideal off-grid homes for’s wilderness adventures.

A world of potential adventure and relaxation.


See some more beautiful locations here… Unyoked on Instagram

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